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Corporate Site: Punta Consulting



Punta Consulting is a specialized consulting company located in Venezuela which works within the Oil and Gas industry providing consultancy, project and training services for risk management of capital investments. Punta Consulting is a company of the Punta group.


Punta consulting is continuing to get value from the partnership with PuntaDev. The following are some those benefits.



The website of Punta Consulting is a living-prove of the benefits of the implementation of the agile methodologies embraced by PuntaDev.  Although the team is separated for a time zone difference of more than 6 hours, the close interaction over video conference and other team sharing tools allowed a quick and effective development process. The result: a robust and professional website that was launched on time, budget and quality, just as planned. Again, the use Joomla and professional templates was one of the key factors of success of this project.


 Logo development

Since the earlier stages of the formation of Punta Consulting the values and visions of this company were very clear. Inspired in challenge and satisfaction to conquer a mountain pick (a “Punta” in Spanish), the draft for the logo of the company was shared to our design team in a very roughly but concrete way. After a couple of iterations, the result of the design process was completely satisfactory for all stakeholders at Punta Consulting.




Marketing Material

The collaboration between the Punta Consulting and PuntaDev continued by producing all the company identity and marketing material that the consultancy company had distribute since its formation back in 2009. The basic foundations of the design are quite useful to continue developing new material as company expands its portfolio of products and services. Therefore, the initial investment keeps paying off as all design elements are reusable and transferable throughout all the marketing material.



While content will be always the king, it makes a more power effect when it is communicated with visual coherence. When you are a startup company is very difficult to pay attention to all the details involved in the launch of your business to the market. You will need to keep focus in the development of your business model which is the actual reason of having a business. But you can’t overlook the power of the first impression.


PuntaDev developed a couple of Power Point themes with the company image of Punta Consulting. These themes were discussed internally and finally a combination of all of them was approved. The final presentation has been used consistently in almost every new presentation the clients of Punta Consulting.


To learn more about Punta Consulting and their excellent services please go to www.puntaconsulting.com


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