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Punta Consulting is a specialized consulting company located in Venezuela which works within the Oil and Gas industry providing consultancy, project and training services for risk management of capital investments. Punta Consulting is a company of the Punta group.


Punta consulting is continuing to get value from the partnership with PuntaDev. The following are some those benefits.



The website of Punta Consulting is a living-prove of the benefits of the implementation of the agile methodologies embraced by PuntaDev.  Although the team is separated for a time zone difference of more than 6 hours, the close interaction over video conference and other team sharing tools allowed a quick and effective development process. The result: a robust and professional website that was launched on time, budget and quality, just as planned. Again, the use Joomla and professional templates was one of the key factors of success of this project.


 Logo development

Since the earlier stages of the formation of Punta Consulting the values and visions of this company were very clear. Inspired in challenge and satisfaction to conquer a mountain pick (a “Punta” in Spanish), the draft for the logo of the company was shared to our design team in a very roughly but concrete way. After a couple of iterations, the result of the design process was completely satisfactory for all stakeholders at Punta Consulting.




Marketing Material

The collaboration between the Punta Consulting and PuntaDev continued by producing all the company identity and marketing material that the consultancy company had distribute since its formation back in 2009. The basic foundations of the design are quite useful to continue developing new material as company expands its portfolio of products and services. Therefore, the initial investment keeps paying off as all design elements are reusable and transferable throughout all the marketing material.



While content will be always the king, it makes a more power effect when it is communicated with visual coherence. When you are a startup company is very difficult to pay attention to all the details involved in the launch of your business to the market. You will need to keep focus in the development of your business model which is the actual reason of having a business. But you can’t overlook the power of the first impression.


PuntaDev developed a couple of Power Point themes with the company image of Punta Consulting. These themes were discussed internally and finally a combination of all of them was approved. The final presentation has been used consistently in almost every new presentation the clients of Punta Consulting.


To learn more about Punta Consulting and their excellent services please go to


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Booking and Reservations: Qualytrip Booking and Reservations: Qualytrip



Qualytrip is a startup company specialized in personal transport services based in Panama City, Panama. During recent years we had interact very closely in a couple of projects. One of these projects was the launch of Qualytrip website.


Web site


The market of the transportation services is quite unique and demanding in Panama. Millions of tourist visits this exuberant country every year and most of them arrive through the Tocumen airport that serves the city of Panama.

PuntaDev assisted Qualytrip from choosing the company name, to choose the hosting services, to logo design, to finally complete and launching the website. The launching strategy of Qualytrip was to offer a shuttle service for the user of the airport of Tocumen. So they where requiring not just a nice looking website where local and foreign clients could get access to the value propositions and relevant information of the services but also a booking tool were required. The decision to buy or built at that stage was derived by the challenging schedule of the launching project. In this context, PuntaDev recommended a website and a booking tool based on Joomla, a well know and reliable CMS that will cover all major requirements for this project.


Company Identity


PuntaDev helped Qualytrip to define clear statements of the value propositions of their service. Working in a regular basis through video conference and other teaming tools we get to an optimum result in quite a short period. The result of this team working was used in the website and all the marketing material that the company produced for the launch. Qualytrip presented to all their potential partners the business proposal brochure that was jointly developed in content and design together with PuntaDev.  



To learn more about Qualytrip and their excellent services please go to


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We are looking for passionate and talented people who share our values in order to build long-term, joyful carrier together. You will be able to work most of the time from your home. 


If you’d like what you have seen so far from PuntaDev, please send us your CV with a cover letter explaining why you would like to work with us.


We’re looking for the following:

-          Senior mobile apps developer/ associated developer

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We offer to our clients and partners the advantage of physical presence in 3 different time zones and locations. Please use our general contact form and indicate your preferred time zone for us to establish contact with you.

  • Latin America and the Caribbean (Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela)
  • Eater Europe (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain)
  • Central Europe (Berlin, Germany)
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The business model of PuntaDev is leveraged with the contribution of important partners that shares our vision and values. We search strategic partnership in the following areas:

  • Technology alliances (common developments)
  • Strategic Associations (expand client base)
  • Investment Opportunities (funds raising, profit sharing)


The objective of our partnership program is:

  • Strengthen the base of clients for the solutions and services offering
  • Empower the development of the technology projects
  • Build common strategies to reach global markets
  • Leverage the value creation for the partnership

We will be glad to get in contact with your organization to start talking of our next joint venture.


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The performance of PuntaDev is based on the following values:

  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Tenacity
  • Innovations
  • Efficiency
  • Trust
  • Service Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ecological awareness 
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Vision and Mission




PuntaDev is successful technology provider that works closely with clients and partners throughout agile methodologies to deliver high-value solutions and services. We are focused in the launching process of web sites, mobile apps and desktop applications with special emphasis on the market, business process and business model of our clients. Our concept of quality always inspires us to deliver the best value and customer satisfaction at competitive prices.



PuntaDev is looking to establish our brand as a reliable, international and affordable technology provider, following our strong concept of quality, constantly improving our process and retrieving excellent benefits to our investors, partners and employers.



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Desktop Applications



Our team has been doing desktop application for a long time. Even when new trends are always pointing to the mobile technologies, some business needs are just better suitable for a desktop application approach.


Desktop applications are perfect decision when your organization has a complex or calculation- extensive process. Also desktop apps are recommendable when database control, backup, auditing and integration requirements are a priority for your organization.


In this case, a well designed and implemented desktop application has nothing to do with an old school software development process. The agile approach implemented by PuntaDev is a key factor of success in every of our projects. Additional important aspects carefully considered at PuntaDev are the architecture and technology decisions. Is this regards we can also provide you with the best practices of the market to make your application maintainable and scalable along the time.


Last but not least, the technical support and training. These two aspects are also carefully executed by the PuntaDev team. Our target is providing you with solutions that keep the focus of your attention on executing your business process and we take care of the solutions to make this process efficient and profitable.


Our partnership model, business model and details of the project planning are available in our user zone. Please register to our web site to get access to this information and to get on board into our project team right away.


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Mobile Applications



We have learned a lot from our own experience designing, developing and launching mobile applications. And trust us when we said that technical aspects are the easy ones! Finding the right business model, minimum valuable product, feature set and overall user experience also has a very important part of the overall launching process and ultimately the success of the mobile application.


PuntaDev will provide you the consultancy and development services required to launch your mobiles application. Your intellectual property will be safe and the entire information share between us will be secured with a confidentiality agreement.


If you are Angel Investor and are looking for promising investment opportunities, we have a great opportunity for you. PuntaDev is in the middle of the implementation of a couple of additional mobile applications right now. To complete these projects we will need to count with some financing, commercial and technical partners so we can shorten the time to market of our mobile applications.


Our partnership model, business model and details of the project are available in our user zone. Please register to our web site to get access to this information and to get on board into our project team right away.


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Professional Presentations



You have an important meeting with a group of potential clients and is very important to have a good looking, well organize and communicative presentation of your products and services?

You don’t have the time and patience to deal with all boring options and menus of MS Power Point but you need your presentation done quickly, in a professional fashion?


PuntaDev will give more that a hand with this issue. After year of experience working in corporative environment our team knows very well how a professional presentation looks and feels like. We will incorporate your Corporate Identity (logo, colors and fonts) in the presentation in order to transmit the messages with a pleasant and harmonized manner.

Of course, content is the king. So, if you already have the content we will just help you by putting it in every slide looking to deliver your messages in the best way. In the case that your content is incomplete or you need to have a better structure in your messages, don’t worry, well take it from there and will complement the content for you.


You will receive all the material (e.g. tables, figures) in an electronic format after your professional presentation is completed. If you will like to do so, you can purchase from us the presentation theme of your company or organization to use it the future by yourself.



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